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关键词:工程概况 工程量清单 投标文件 保证工期


ABSTRACT:This works for the Chongqing City Management College dormitory II tenders tender documents, Shapingba area of Chongqing is located in Tiger Town, University City. The project construction units for the Chongqing City Management College, engineering, architectural design by the architectural firm earth, the design, construction drawings complete. Infrastructure, the use of hand-dug pile foundation. The upper part of the main for the brick, local framework structure, the structural safety of grade III, for the six seismic fortification intensity, type of construction work for the four categories.

   Implemented in the field of construction engineering construction project bidding system. July 2008 15 Country standard "construction project BOQ pricing norms" (GB50500-2008) is issued, marking China's pricing model to offer by enterprises pricing models. Based on the above background, this according to Chongqing City Management College dormitory Lot II project design drawings, preparation of business standard. The Business Standard from their own level, combined with the actual project situation and the reference provided by the Party BOQ and geological exploration report, provide the Bill of Quantities form of the tender offer.

    Due to the volume of construction works bear a larger group of students for the new University City early arrival, we promise, in the building during the application of new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment, in strict accordance with the ISO9002 quality system, to secure completed within the stipulated period of the project.

Keywords: Project Overview;BOQ;Tender documents;Guarantee period