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   The source of Daming mineral water is located in the north east and pulse part in Kim denier. The dense woods and there is not industrial pollution and human activities and natural clean. The  factory of  daming beverage in Yunnan yuanjiang mainly produces 18.9 L, 11.4 L, 7.56 L  bottled drinking and 1.5 L, 600 mL, 330 mL  bottled mineral water and so on the Series of products. 

   It must keep constant innovation to promote the progress of the development of the Ming mineral water in this competitive industry.The mineral water has become the indispensable part in our life. The good mineral water is the first choice for people.In view of this market strategy into VI system to ensure the quality of water and the necessity to strengthen there

   Through  the VI system design into "Daming drinks Co., LTD", distinguished clearly the company's mineral water and others .And also come out the new image and features comprehensive ,and make sure the positioning of the market. With their own distinct characteristics, memory deep meaning of visual symbol system,it allows consumers to accept and like the new image, which  into the market from service again. Among consumers to be sure from the service, product packaging, communications aspects and so on.

Keywords:Visual Identity;Brand Imagine;DaMing Mineral water;design philosophy;creativity